Our company is located in Boiro, a town from the „Ría de Arousa”, which belongs to the “Rías Baixas” and lies in Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain
The exploitation of different shellfish, such as oysters and mussels, and fish has its origin in the Oestrymnios (6th century BC) and the Celts (4th century BC). This went through the roman occupation until the present days. In fact, Galicia’s history is the history between their inhabitants and the sea.
In terms of fishing we highlight different types of mackerel, the sardine, the octopus, the sepia and the hake at present, while in terms of crustaceans we distinguish crabs, spider crabs, shrimps and barnacles.
Galicia stands at the leadership of mussel’s farming, but the oyster, clam, cockle and turbot are also of importance, given their volume and peerless quality.


CULMACO, S.L. is a family company created in 2003 by largely experienced professionals in the sea food market, with over 15 years of experience by the year of creation.
The company possesses since 2012 modern facilities in Boiro’s industrial area, which is composed of a freezing chamber, a conservation chamber, a freezing tunnel, a manufacturing area and an administrative department.
Since 2003 we elaborate, freeze and commercialize with frozen sea products. We are also ice cubes manufacturers.
Since 2012 we’ve grown our activity to the storage and distribution of frozen bovine, porcine and ovine meat.


Purchasing, elaborating and merchandising with sea products with transparency as our policy, creating and maintaining trust-based relationships with our clients and suppliers.
On the one hand we focus our activity to the wholesale market and on the other hand to the hotel and catering sector.
We wish to grow in these departments and in the internationalization, based in a strong quality and service policy.